The political week on Twitter

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

The revolution in Libya played out across Twitter throughout the week:

@EqualizerFFC – I wonder who will be all out first – India or Gaddafi?

@DeathStarPR – To Gaddafi's troops in Tripoli: it's not over until the fat Ewok drums on your helmet.

@ChasLicc – BREAKING: Gaddafi captured for ninth time today, after being killed six times.

@archiebland – Gaddafi presumably not actually hiding in the house. Be good if he was though. grouting the shower, etc.

@rob_marchant – This is a day on which we should all, frankly, be extremely proud that Labour had a leading role in negotiating away Gaddafi's WMD. Discuss.

@BeauBodOr – If David Cameron keeps on dashing away on holiday, odds are he'll bump into Gaddafi eventually.

@ghostkga – If I had Gaddafi's face, the only safe place for me to hide would be in a Kiss tribute band.

@JodyRaynsford – Good to see the rebels have found the obligatory bust of the dictator to give a good kicking to in front of the cameras. #libya

@robboma3 – The £1 million Bounty on Gaddafi's head is the most expensive chocolate bar seen since 2008 when the economy was given a £750 million Boost

News emerged that amongst the finds in Gaddafi's Tripoli compound was a photo album full of pictures of former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice:

@karoli – Maybe it's just me, but I'm completely creeped out by gaddafi's obsession with Condi Rice. Ewwww

@pourmecoffee – Long night of deep sorrow for Gaddafi knowing he will never have the respect of his people or the love of Condi Rice.

@rubencarbajal – Condalisa Rice blushes, as she slips her gold-framed album of Gaddafi pics back under her pillow.

Former home secretary Jacqui Smith was once again embroiled in public money controversy when it was revealed she had used two prisoners on day release to paint her house:

@juliebub – Whilst painting her house Jacqui Smith gave them Tea & biscuits but locked away her husband's video collection, #DisappointedPrisoners

@spotonetwo – Were the two day release prisoners who painted Jacqui Smith's rooms former colleagues from her old Westminster days? That would be too good.

@robinbogg – Is Jacqui Smith still on Twitter? Or has she got some convicts doing her tweets for her?

@TomScorza – BBC "Criminals working in Jacqui Smith's house" Oh the irony…………

Tory MP Louise Mensch was once again at the centre of the Twittersphere when she claimed to have been threatened via email:

@LouiseMensch – Had some morons from Anonymous /Lulzsec threaten my children via email. As I'm in the States, be good…

@LouiseMensch – To have somebody from the UK police advise me where I should forward the email.

@LouiseMensch – To those who sent it; get stuffed, losers.

@LouiseMensch – Oh and I'm posting it on Twitter because they threatened me telling me to get off Twitter. Hi kids! ::waves::

Parliamentary recess didn't mean a relaxing Thursday for Labour MP Mike Gapes:

@MikesGapes – v early start to get daughter off to Reading festival so in constituency office at 6.15 and then in Commons since 7.30 am . MPs on holiday!

GCSE results day dominated Twitter with many students posting their results:

@danieldonovan – Hate to go all apostrophe police on those with #GCSEresults but you didn't get A's & B's. You got As & Bs (hopefully not in English)

@andrewstewart – #gcseresults Straight D's. Eight years later, I got a degree. #theworlddoesntendtoday

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott took particular interest in GCSE results day, re-tweeting results people sent him:

@johnprescott – To all those getting #GCSE results. Well done. Ignore the moaners. Exams not getting easier. You're just getting smarter!

@Raj_Datta – @johnprescott I got 3 A*s, 4As and 3Bs. Won't be long till I'm sitting next to you in Parliament :).

@MCTachyon – John, please STOP spamming my TL with these irrelevant GCSE truly RTs. We get the message, but don't care! > Unfollow. Simples

@johnprescott – Voluntarily putting myself in #twitterjail for a bit. Will be back on later but well done to everyone who passed their GCSEs today. V proud

@CoeliacSniffs – I hope @johnprescott is okay. He's not been on my timeline for at least 1 minute. #areyouokayjohn?

@johnprescott – Alright folks. Out of #twitterjail. Tweet me those #GCSEresults

@johnprescott – That's last GCSE RT. To the 700 who unfollowed today, sorry but I wanted to give students a platform to shout out their success. No regrets

The performance of Sally Bercow, wife of the Speaker, in the Celebrity Big Brother house continued to spike interest:

@ifonlyella – Wow, Sally Bercow comes across as really uptight and defensive. Come on Sally, you can be charming!

@daveweeden – I haven't seen a tweet from Sally Bercow for ages. Does anyone know if she's OK?

@AndyLycett – I thought when Sally Bercow went into the house she was a spoilt over privileged twerp. Now I am sure. #cbb #patronisingcow

@spledjoel – Wow, anyone typed Sally Bercow into twitter recently? Not a lot of love there.

@notrebekahwade – The idea that sally bercow has any influence on her husband is terrifying.

Home secretary Theresa May met with social media chiefs, and subsequently retreated from plans to ban suspected rioters from social media sites during times of disorder:

@thetommoriaty – Theresa May has backed down from banning people from using the Internet, how noble

@Bethemediauk – They should ban banning.