Griffin: Give me one more chance

Read the BNP leader’s comments to journalists in full, in which he accuses the BNP of bias, asks to do another Question Time, and says London is not part of Britain.

Nick Griffin made the comments at a hastily convened news conference today, as the media assessment of his performance last night went from bad to worse.

The British public are aghast at the display of bias from the BBC, the venom from the political class, and the sheer unfairness.

That was not a genuine Question Time, that was a lynch mob.

People wanted to see me and hear me talking about things such as the postal strike.

One or two questions about what a wicked man I am, fair enough, but the whole programme – it was absurd. Let’s do it again but do it properly this time.

I think I did fine under the circumstances. But overall my performance is not judged by me, it is not judged by the chattering classes.

It will be judged and is already being judged by millions of ordinary Britons who saw one man speaking up and trying to explain how they feel, how the English feel when they are not even allowed their name on a census form, and that one man being howled down and dragged down by a pack.

That audience was taken from a city that is no longer British.

That was not my country any more. Why not come down and do it in Thurrock, do it in Stoke, do it in Burnley?

Do it somewhere where there are still significant numbers of English and British people living, and they haven’t been ethnically cleansed from their own country.

Demographically there is lots of support for the Lib Dems there because for instance they are regarded as the party of ethnic minorities.

There is not much support for me there, because the place is dominated by ethnic minorities.

There is an ethnic minority that supports me, the English. But there’s not many of them left.