A chance to catch up on our five most-read items of the week.

Five: The council which banned crying in your own home

In fifth place this week is a piece about the pernicious rise in the use of Community Protection Notices in order to ban otherwise completely legal activities.

Four: Enemies of the people: The Brexit campaign is now putting lives in danger

Yesterday's High Court ruling that MPs must be allowed to vote on the decision to implement Article 50, caused a furious reaction today, both in the press and on social media, with the Daily Mail labelling the three judges who made the ruling "enemies of the people". This piece looks at some of the angry and even violent reactions to the ruling and argues that it is a worrying sign that the country is moving in a dangerous direction.

Three: Four key findings in the new Brexit report

In third place is a piece which looked at a new report this week into the Brexit options under consideration by the government. It found that the UK has to overcome a maze of obstacles in order to achieve anything even resembling a smooth exit from the EU.

Two: The reasons why Labour are still 'dithering' over Brexit

Next we have a piece looking at Labour's vague response to Brexit and the reasons why the party remains so unclear about what it's priorities are.

One: Article 50: For one sweet moment, Britain is sober again

And in the top spot this weeek is a piece looking at this week's High Court ruling on Article 50. It welcomes it as a return to a semblance of reason and empiricism in British politics.