Boris Johnson invests £3.5 million in Heathrow expansion

On the face of it Boris Johnson remains implacably opposed to a third runway at Heathrow.

Following the government's announcement yesterday of a delay to their decision on airport expansion, the London mayor described Heathrow's expansion proposals as "a sham, a snare and a delusion."

He told the BBC that he backs the construction of a new alternative hub airport in the Thames Estuary instead, which would inevitably lead to the end of the Heathrow hub.

But while Boris insists he's still a strong opponent of Heathrow's expansion, it appears he has not so far put his money where his mouth his.

In fact, according to the Greater London Authority's latest internal audit report, the Greater London Authority last week bought a £3.5 million bond in 'Heathrow Funding Ltd' (HFL).

According to their prospectus, HFL bonds help the company "support and develop Heathrow airport's role as a hub… by investing in further capacity."

As they say in business – money talks. And as far as City Hall are concerned, Heathrow still has a very viable future.