Tory mayoral hopefuls mend row with ‘chocs and make up sex’ offer

The Evening Standard ran a story last night about a "furious row" between the two leading Conservative candidates for the London mayoralty.

Boris Johnson's policing deputy Stephen Greenhalgh is currently battling for the job alongside millionnaire businessman and gay rights campaigner Ivan Massow.

According to the Standard, Greenhalgh's pledge to cut fares if he becomes mayor have caused an almighty row between the two men:

"A FURIOUS row today erupted between Tory mayoral hopefuls with one branding as "foolhardy" the other's pledge to slash Tube fares," reports the Standard.

"Ivan Massow claimed Stephen Greenhalgh's promise would suck some £2 billion out of London's transport budget and likened it to 'buying votes'." the story continues.

However, understands that far from being furious with each other, relations are actually very good between the two men. Perhaps surprisingly so.

In fact shortly after news of the alleged row broke, London's deputy mayor for policing received a text message from Massow offering him "chocs and make up sex" to ease tensions. A tempting offer…

However, while relations between these two mayoral hopefuls may have eased, tensions between Greenhalgh and the current mayor Boris Johnson have not.

Greenhalgh's eye-catching promise to cut fares by three per cent if he becomes mayor has deeply angered those around Johnson.

Fares have risen every year under Boris, and while they understand that Greenhalgh needs to differentiate himself from his boss in order to win the job, they were disappointed that he chose to do so while Johnson was out of the country and without telling him about it first.

With more than a year to go until the London mayoral election, relations on the eighth floor of City Hall could become very frosty indeed.