What’s on David Cameron’s iPad app?

Details have emerged of David Cameron's specially-made iPad app, with a mass of real-time information about politics, the markets and government. The No 10 Dashboard is basically catnip for political geeks. Just reading about has sent me into a covetous rage. My phone now looks drab and uninteresting. Ah, the things I could do with it… OK. Enough of that.

Here's what's on it:

• The home screen contains key news, polling data, Twitter feeds, analyst comment and the No 10 diary.

• There are three further tabs on the home screen for jobs, housing and government.

• It contains 100 data points from myriad sources, both government and private. Adzuna is providing job and property market data, but the dashboard includes Google search trends data, a daily YouGov poll on the top issues in voters' minds and Office of National Statistics (ONS) data.

• The Adzuna data provides real-time data and insights into the job market, the housing marketing and regional growth, including vacancy counts in the UK, average salaries, unemployment data, regional properties for sale and FTSE performance.

The app, which is at beta stage and took a year to develop, is so-far only available to the PM and "senior figures" in government, but a decision will soon be taken on whether to roll it out across government.

The makers insist there's no synopsis of EastEnders on there. The Thick of It once had a gag about the zeitgeist tapes – a compilation of popular culture the PM was forced to watch so he could pretend to have his finger remotely on the pulse of the country.