A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read articles of the week:

Five: It's a Brexit world: Tide of anti-immigrant sentiment sweeps globe

In fifth place this week is a look at a new report which showed that it's not just Brits who are concerned about immigration. A major Ipsos Mori survey across 22 countries revealed that not one had a majority with a positive impression of immigration.

Four: Corbyn's Article 50 moment shows he's just like any politician

According to Jeremy Corbyn's supporters the Labour leader is different to other politicians, they believe he's more decent and has more integrity than his opponents. But our next piece suggested that when he faces difficult questions he dodges like the best of them.

Three: Everything you need to know about Theresa May's Brexit nightmare in five minutes

This piece has been in our top five for weeks now. It told you everything you need to know about the prime minister's Brexit negotiations, in just five minutes.

Two: IFS crushes Brexit myth: There is no 'access' to the single market

In second place we have a piece which looked at  a new report by the IFS which found that claims that the UK could access the single market instead of full membership are "virtually meaningless". The report also rejected the idea that Britain would be able to secure a deal in which it retains membership of the single market while being able to impose limits on European immigration.

One:  The council which banned sleeping

In the top spot this week we heard from the civil liberties organisation Liberty about some of the most surprising things councils have banned under Public Space Protection Orders. They include sleeping in public spaces, being out after 11pm if you are under 18 and even swearing.