A chance for you to catch up with our top articles this week:

Five: The human cost of Theresa May's student deportation programme

With all the polls suggesting Theresa May will be the next prime minister, an article from back April has made it into our top five again this week. Earlier this year, a court found that the Home Office had deported thousands of students from the UK based on rather flimsy evidence. In this piece we heard from some of the people who have been affected by the programme.

Four: John McDonnell: Freedom of movement will end

Next up is a report on comments made by the shadow chancellor which seemed to indicate that Labour is unlikely to oppose an end to freedom of movement in Europe. Speaking earlier this week John McDonnell  said that when Britain leaves the EU "free movement of labour and people will then come to an end."

Three: Chilcot: Blair's reputation will never recover

In third place is a piece which looked at the long-awaited Chilcot report. It suggested that the findings were so damning and the repercussions of Tony Blair's decision to go to war were so severe that the former prime minister's reputation should never recover.

Two: Theresa May: Something wicked this way comes

After all the backstabbing and drama, the Tory leadership contest is down to the final two. This next article suggested that while Theresa May has her strengths, some of her policies have not just been wrong, they've also been dangerous.

One:  Andrea Leadsom called for minimum wage and maternity pay to be scrapped for small business

Andrea Leadsom may be in the running to be the next Tory leader but how much do we really know about her? Our most-read item this week reported that she once suggested that workers' rights should be scrapped for employees of small businesses.