Pick of the week: Playing into the terrorists’ hands

A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read stories of the week.

Five: 'Dave Force One' is another step towards a governing class cut off from the people

Our fifth most-read piece this week was from yesterday on the news that David Cameron is to spend £10 million on a private jet to be used by himself and his ministers. The piece suggested that the move is another example of how the governing class is cut off from the people it governs.

Four: The big tax credit cut almost nobody has heard of

This article has has made into our top five for a second week. It highlighted a cut to tax credits that could leave thousands of people in debt, but that most people know nothing about.

Three: Zac Goldsmith would scrap all London's bus lanes

In third place, is our story on comments made by Zac Goldsmith which suggested he would scrap London's bus lanes if he becomes mayor. In an interview with LBC he said that the rise of electric cars would make the lanes obsolete. He also criticised the capital's cycle campaign groups.

Two: Opportunism on left and right make us accomplices in Isis' terror

Next up is a piece which looked at the response to the tragic Paris attacks last week. It suggested that the actions by some on the left and right to use the events for political ends plays right into the terrorists hands.

OneFarage's Paris speech shows he doesn't understand France or Islam or refugees

Unsurprisingly, we have another piece on the Paris attacks in our top five, this week. This looked at Nigel Farage's speech on the horrific events and suggested it contained three key falsehoods which show the Ukip leader knows nothing about France, Islam or refugees.